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Why Sign With Your Baby?

When my first born son, Luke, was 13 months old he would have multiple temper tantrums and breakdowns simply because he was trying to communicate his wants/needs to me and I could not understand him. It was exhausting and heartbreaking for us both. I knew there had to be a better way, and discovered baby sign language. Within 2 weeks of signing with him, he had acquired over 24 signs. It was the magic key we needed to ease our frustrations, and opened the door to communicating easily and effectively.  

I became certified in ASL and taught baby sign language throughout the greater Moncton area to other parents and caregivers so that they could acquire the gift of early communication with their own babies. 

Baby Sign Language has so many benefits…

  • Eases frustration

  • Promotes early language development

  • Enhances vocabulary

  • Reduces temper tantrums

  • Encourages parent-child bonding

  • …and more!


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