DIY Diaper Cream

I am a cloth diapering mommy (in the midst of potty training my 27 month old), but this has been my go-to diaper rash --- and really any rash, or dry skin, issue --- since I gave birth to my son. He had horrible contact eczema with any and all disposable diapers (don't get me started on the chemicals and health issues surrounding sposies). The only thing that he would tolerate being put on his bum, really the only thing that worked to soothe the soreness that he had to deal with was a tsp of coconut oil mixed with one drop of Young Living's lavender essential oil.

Once we switched to cloth we rarely had an issue with rashes, but every now and then, usually around teething time, he'd have more acidic bowel movements and would need a little dab of this at each change. So easy, and so effective! This also made great nipple cream when I was nursing, and has been a life-saver with the itchiness that has sprung up on my belly since baby #2 started to show. Give it a try! I highly recommend it.