Make the Most of It - Thieves Hand Soap

Let's talk about 🌿Thieves Foaming Hand Soap🌿. Every home needs a good clean hand soap, but you don’t need an antibacterial one. Trust me, that stuff is too harsh and does more harm than good. Your skin, your largest organ, is a gateway to your bloodstream and all your body systems. You ingest what you put on it.

An article on explores this topic. “Chemicals in common soaps are no joke. They can disrupt our hormones, promote allergies, lead to reproductive issues and increase risk of some cancers. With serious side effects like these, we need to be particular about what we put on our skin.” The article goes on to pinpoint several toxins commonly found in soap like fragrance and sulfates.

But let’s just focus on one harsh chemical ingredient today, shall we?

🌿TRICLOSAN🌿. This chemical is most often found in antibacterial soap. Recent studies have found that triclosan actually promotes the emergence and growth of bacteria resistant to antibiotic cleansers. It also creates dioxin, a carcinogen that has been found in high levels in human breast milk. Dioxins have disruptive effects on the endocrine system and negatively affect thyroid functions. And here’s a fun fact: dioxin is the primary toxic component of Agent Orange!

Think about it. If we are washing our bodies with soap that contains harmful ingredients every single day, this adds up over a lifetime to wreak havoc on our health.

Using a natural, plant based soap is so much better for your body. No bioaccumulating, hormone disrupting, skin stripping and drying toxins to worry about. That’s why I love this stuff. Thieves foaming hand soap contains no sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, or harsh chemicals. And it’s infused with essential oils so it smells divine. AND IT FOAMS. I’m a sucker for the foam. 😬

Good hand washing habits and a healthy soap are all you need to wash the dirt and germs away.

🌿Thieves Foaming Hand Soap HACK🌿: Store 4/5ths of the soap that comes in your Thieves Hand Soap in a mason jar, and fill the rest with water. It will still work brilliantly. Like most YL products, it’s highly concentrated. Here's a video I made showing you how I do it.

Saves 💵! I love my oils but I am cheap!