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Back to School

Back to school…. the world seems to be a buzz with the excitement of a new school year approaching (and for many in the US it’s already begun). The urgency of making the most of summer holidays before everyone goes back to “the grind” for another year is palpable. I feel it too. But when I feel myself getting caught up in that rush and pressure to squeeze things in, and make the most of summer break I take a step back and realize that, as a homeschooling family, that is not our reality. We don’t have to step into that hustle and bustle. We don’t have to worry about budgeting for back to school clothes and getting everything on the school supplies list (although as both a student and a teacher I still get excited about new stationary). We don’t have a countdown to the end of our weekdays together.

a smiling boy outside of a barn

Our life is altered by the changes in seasons, not by a schedule. And, although summer is a busy time of year here at our little homestead, it rarely feels rushed or pressured. I thank God everyday for the gift of time. A slow childhood, a slow summer, a slow school year, a slow ease into change. I crave a simple life. A life of peace. A life of gratitude. A life together as a family for as long as we can. It may be old fashioned, and out of the ordinary, but watching my boys’ love for this land, their animals, each other, and themselves makes me one happy, contented momma who definitely still bought myself a few new school supplies 😉


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