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Are you ready to learn to knit? It is one of my favourite, therapeutic hobbies, and I know you will enjoy the process of creating with wool and two sticks too! The first step in any knitting project is putting the yarn on the needles, known as "casting on your stitches". 

Step 1

Simply tie a basic knot, but do not tighten it!

Step 2

Slip one needle through the knot, and pull the yarn to tighten it on to the needle.

TIP: DO NOT TIGHTEN TOO MUCH! If you do it makes it really hard to  knit.


Step 3

Make a loop with your yarn

Step 4

Slip the needle through the loop and gently tighten. My son calls this the "loop and scoop" because you make a loop and then scoop it up with the needle. 


Step 5

Continue to "loop and scoop" from step 4 until you have the desired number of stitches on your needle. 

note: each loop = one stitch

Here is a video demo of how to cast on.

Basic Knit Stitch
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