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Simply Wool

Wool is an incredibly versatile, durable, and beautiful fibre that is sustainable, and oh so warm and cosy. 

In this beginner course you will learn how to take a raw sheep's fleece and process it with minimal, affordable tools, so you can  create fibre for felting,  knitting, crocheting, or weaving. 

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When you purchase a course from me you can be sure of ongoing access to all your class materials, downloads, and video content. In the event that (I hope it never happens!) I have to close the site down, I will be sure to allow people time to download any PDFs and workbooks, and I will move video content to a free platform such as my YouTube channel so you have continued access.

You cannot download the videos but I want you to be able to return to them again and again for as long as you want! They are not time-limited. One or two views are often not enough, over time your fibre interest and focus can change and I like to think you will return to your courses and find more in them to reflect your own changing interests over time.


My goal in all online courses is that you can use them as a long term resource rather than a one-off info hit, and I will do my utmost to ensure the material will always be available to you! 



  • Intro

  • Selecting A Fleece

  • Why Wash Wool

  • How to Wash Your Wool

  • How to Dry Your Wool

  • How to Card & Comb Your Wool

  • How to Diz  and Draw Your Wool

  • How to Use a Drop Spindle to Spin Your Wool

  • How to Use a Niddy Noddy

  • How to Set  Your Spin

  • How to Make a Skein of Yarn

  • How to Make a Ball of Yarn


    • ​Casting On

    • Knit Stitch

    • Purl Stitch

    • Decreasing

    • Circular Needles

    • Casting Off

    • Weaving in Your Ends

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