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Essential Oils

I started using oils for my babies over 10 years ago after  months and months of searching and researching. I truly believe that choosing an essential oil company to buy from is not something you should take lightly, and I was proud to use a popular MLM company's oils with my babies. I trusted their quality commitment, and their transparency, and I saw, first hand, how incredibly effective they were. It became my mission to help other mommas kick toxic chemicals from their homes and chose to dive into sharing my love and knowledge with as many moms as possible.  And  that passion has only grown with each passing year. 


New to Essential Oils?

Essential oils are not a new and trendy fad. They have been around for centuries! In our family, we have come to learn that there is pretty much an oil for everything. We use oils for:

  • sleep

  • stress

  • cleaning

  • cooking

  • coughs & colds

  • aches & pains

  • tummy troubles

  • supporting our immune systems

  • supporting our hormones

  • and more!

With so many different essential oil companies out there it can be difficult to know who to trust. 


So what are the important things to look for in an essential oil company? 

  • Plants are grown and harvested in the places they grow best, worldwide. 

  • Plants are grown using organic practices, and/or sustainably wild crafted.

  • The oils are extracted using steam distillation or cold-pressed.

  • The oils are unadulterated -- no fillers or removals.

  • The oils are labelled clearly and correctly. 

  • The oils are GCMS tested by an un-biased third party.

  • The company is transparent and provides the results of its testing to the customers.

    Click the EO basics button to learn more about the oils I choose to use with my family. 

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