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I come from a long line of teachers. I guess you could say it's the family business. So, when I decided to be a teacher too, it was a natural fit. I spent 3 years in the public school system but got out before I got too bitter. I wanted something more for the children of this area, and for my own children. So, I had a crazy dream of starting my own Waldorf Inspired school. But after 4 years of growing a Waldorf-Inspired forest school and kindergarten, God led me to homeschooling. What a blessing it has been for me and my boys.  Here you will find some insights, and tips from an experienced, imperfect, homeschooling momma. 

Simply Signing

Online Baby Sign Language Classes - COMING SOON

Teaching your baby to sign can be such a great way to kickstart their early communication skills. Babies often want to talk as early as 6 months, but they just aren't verbally able to. Giving them the gift of signing allows babies to tell you what they want and need. It truly was one of the best things I ever did with my boys, and I am so excited to be able to offer online options for those who may be interested. 


Nature Based Learning

Thoughts and experiences from a forest-school instructor and a nature-based momma. 

Monthly Waldorf-Inspired Circle Time for young children.

Waldorf -Inspired Curriculum

Examples and ideas from a Waldorf-trained teacher, turned homeschooling mom.

Fear yet determination all in one facial expression. Climbing trees is so beneficial to ch
Fear yet determination all in one facial expression. Climbing trees is so beneficial to ch

Tools  & Toys

Life as the Curriculum

Older Children

Insights on giving young children real tools, and simple toys. 

Learning doesn't just happen at a desk. Life is enough if you LIVE it. 

Are your kids older than seven? So are mine, so here are some insights for educating your older ones. 

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