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Waldorf - a Magical Education

One of the things I love most about Waldorf education is the amount of thought, intention and care behind the curriculum. Lochlan is in his first academic year and the focus is on Goodness and Beauty.

Stories are the foundation of everything we do. Fairytales that teach right and wrong, good and evil, are told orally, which creates images in his mind. He beautifully illustrates them with beeswax crayons or watercolour paint—- natural, elemental materials.

A boy writing in a schoolbook

Math is always taught with story and meaning, and tangible tools before the abstract is presented.

The whimsy, magic and fun that is built into their education is a joy for us all.

But more than anything, the curriculum meets the child where they are at. The way that it aligns itself with the unfolding of children’s developmental stages never ceases to amaze me. As a teacher, and a mom, I enjoy watching my boys learn.


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