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You can probably guess that I try to be as "natural", "organic", and "clean" as possible in every aspect of my life, but no where has this been more important to me than in my role as Momma.

What if it’s true⁣...

We get headaches and migraines from the toxic chemicals in our shampoos, air fresheners and perfumes⁣? Our kids and ourselves get sick because of our household cleaners, the school cleaners and our food choices. They do not support our immunity ⁣!

people have heightened anxiety and depression because their bodies are overloaded .

What if you had a choice? Have you considered that you do have a choice?⁣

I used to feel overwhelmed by the choices and had 15 different bottles for alll the surfaces. I had the fancy perfume bottles, the dryer sheets, the 5 for $25 scented soaps...all of it! ⁣

I thought I was doing right by my family, until I stumbled upon the truth. And friend, you cannot unknow what you know. ⁣

Did you know 1000’s of harmful chemicals are currently protected by the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976? Did you know that the bulk of these are listed as carcinogens, skin, lung, eye and throat irritants? Did you know many of these are linked to an array of diseases, childhood developmental conditions and more?!! Yet they are protected by the very people making allll the decisions?! ⁣

We may not be able to control the outside world but we absolutely have a choice of what we bring into our homes. We are the gatekeepers and I would love to help open that door for you like someone did for me! ⁣

The first step is being willing to learn something you may not want to hear, acknowledge a new scary truth, then make the small steps that lead to big change! 

Here you'll find some tips and tricks on how to use essential oils and natural toxin-free cleaning and bodily care products with your family. You'll also find some information on other ways to eliminate harmful toxins from your home, your food, and your body. 



Healthy Minds & Bodies

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