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Children & Nature

Last week I got to have a quick reality check and see what the average child gets to do in a run of a school day. And my heart broke. It broke for their lack of outside time and lack of time in nature. With only 30 minutes of outdoor playtime total (recess and lunch combined), they didn’t have enough time to really lose themselves in their play, and didn’t have time to let go and connect .

I guess I’ve been blessed that my boys take their daily time outside for granted. We’ve worked really hard and sacrificed so much to give them this wild life here.

A boy, smiling in the forest

I truly believe that children belong IN nature because children ARE nature. They need to get up close and personal with the wilderness so they can connect to who they really are.

Feeling the sun on their faces and connecting to their inner light that shines and warms others.

Feeling the wind in their hair and learning to deal with the gales and gusts that life throws at them.

Feeling the grass under their feet, grounding themselves in the comfort that the earth is there to support them.

Feeling dirt in their fingers, exposing themselves to the microbes that strengthen their own inner microbiomes and help them fight off illness with ease.

A boy climbing a tree

Feeling the raindrops and splashing in puddles and seeing that water can be so cleansing and that water truly is life.

Feeling the snow and ice under them, learning to adjust and balance and glide through the frigid and slippery moments of life.

Feeling the freedom to run, and jump, and climb, and roll, and learn what their little bodies are capable of, instilling a confidence and self-assurance that will help them through the trials and trails of life.

Children need to spend time in nature, and sadly, most are not getting near enough of what their little bodies need to thrive.


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