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November Circle

So here we are and another month has come and gone already. As my boys and I navigate our first year of homeschooling I've learned that a dedicated circle time doesn't really work for us. Instead we tend to take the bits and pieces that make up a circle and distribute them organically throughout our day to day life. But I still think it's really helpful to have a guide to base my month off of. So for those of you who follow my homeschooling journey here are the verses and songs that I will incorporate daily with Luke and Lochlan.

The Northwind - Poem (From A Child's Seasonal Treasury)

The Northwind came along one day,

So strong and full of fun,

He called the leaves down from the trees

And said, "Run, children, run!"

They came in red and yellow dress,

In shaded green and brown.

And all the short November day,

He chased them round the town.

They ran in crowds, they ran alone,

They hid behind the trees,

The Northwind laughing found them there

And said, "No stopping, please!"

But when he saw them tired out

And huddled in a heap..

He softly siad, "Goodnight, my dears,

Now let us go to sleep!"

Woodchoppers - Action Verse (A Child's Seasonal Treasury)

Starts at 0:50 here:

( )

We are working, working hard,

Chopping firewood in the yard.


Chopping, chopping, chop, chop, chop!

Merrily the pieces drop!

Hands up high, that is right.

We must hold the chopper tight.


It's the finest game we know,

It makes us warm from head to toe.


Now a bundle will we tie,

We'll put it in the shed to dry.


My Lantern - Song

My Lantern, my lantern shining like a star, shining like the moon, shining like the sun, shining near and far.

The Northwind Doth Blow - Song

The Northwind Doth Blow

And there shall be snow

And what will poor robin do then, poor thing

He'll hide in the barn,

And keep himself warm,

And hide his head under his wing, poor thing

Poor thing, poor thing

Wintertime - Betty Jones

Oh, hear the winds call,

Listen to the nuts fall,

See the squirrel gather its food,

To bed goes the bear,

All creatures prepare

For the wintertime mood.

Soft snow falls at night

Covering the earth crystal-white

While all are snug in bed,

But with the sunrise

Children open their eyes

To play in the snow instead!

The air is so clear!

Wrapped in warm winter gear,

out to the snow we go!

Jack Frost bites the nose

And soon freezes our toes!

Now starts this wintertime show!

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