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Clean Water

We all know that drinking enough water each day is important to overall health and wellness. We've been taught to drink at least half of our body weight (in ounces) each day. But drinking water isn't enough... drinking QUALITY, CLEAN water is a must!

Here at our little homestead we are on a well, and thankfully, no farmers/neighbours in our local vicinity use pesticides or other toxins, but we have livestock. And livestock come with  manure, and the run-off from their manure could impact our drinking water, and our health significantly! (We're currently reviewing the housing of our animals and manure management in order to ensure safety for my family.)

But manure, for most families, isn't a concern. However, forever chemicals (or PFAs) contaminate nearly every source of  drinking water.  Why is this significant? Because PFAs are linked to reproductive, circulatory, and neurological toxicity, as well as cancer! PFAs are, unfortunately found in commonly used household products like:

  • non-stick cookware,

  • fire retardants,

  • stain and water repellents,

  • some furniture,

  • waterproof clothes,

  • pizza boxes and take-out containers,

  • food packaging,

  • carpets and textiles,

  • rubbers and plastics,

  • electronics,

  • dental floss and

  • make-up!


We willingly, though unknowingly, expose ourselves to PFAs and we need to make changes to limit our exposure to the best of our ability. 

But PFAs aren't the only contaminants in our drinking water. In a peer-reviewed study published in the journal Heliyon , the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that 22 carcinogens commonly found in tap water – including arsenic, byproducts of water disinfectants and radionuclides such as uranium and radium – could cumulatively result in over 100,000 cancer cases over the span of a lifetime. 

The study, funded by the Park Foundation, compiled a list of 22 contaminants with carcinogenic risks present in 48,363 community water systems in the United States, which EWG estimates serve about 86% of the U.S. population. Based on a cumulative risk assessment, EWG found that per 10,000 people, four will have cancer over the span of the lifetime due to the contaminants in water.

Cancers aren't the only thing to worry about. Bacterial, viruses, and even trace amounts of drugs can be found in our water. 

And Canadians, we aren't in any better shape here. From the generous spraying of Glyphosate over our watersheds, to the dumping of faecal matter into our rivers, we need to be sure to protect ourselves and be aware of the water we drink.

Black Water

"Drinking water contains complex mixtures of contaminants, yet government agencies currently assess the health hazards of tap water pollutants one by one," said Sydney Evans, the lead author of the paper, in a statement. "In the real world, people are exposed to combinations of chemicals, so it is important that we start to assess health impacts by looking at the combined effects of multiple pollutants."

Bottled water isn't the right solution.  Americans using an average of 50 billion plastic water bottles a year; and while recycling is more accessible than ever,  90% of plastic water bottles are not recycled after use, meaning that billions of plastic bottles are entering our landfills, and even our oceans, every year. In fact, so much plastic waste makes it into our oceans that it is estimated that over a million marine animals are killed by plastic waste each year, often due to accidental plastic ingestion.

So, I prefer filtered water. Our family has used a Berkey Water Filter for years. We invested in one when we found out that Glyphosate was being sprayed on our city's watershed. But since we've moved, I'm glad we've had it while we learn more about livestock management on our well. I love that it is a stainless steel system and that it is so easy to use.  Berkey systems remove viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites as well as unhealthy chemical contaminates and impurities while leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.  Berkey systems produce virtually the most healthful, clean and delicious water available.

Since we are on a well, we require an electric pump to get the water throughout our home. So when the power goes out here it means our faucets don't work. But that's not a concern for us because we rest easy knowing we have clean water on hand, in our Berkey, when the power goes out. 

Filter Details:

  • Bacteria like E. coli – Greater than 99.9999%

  • Chlorine – Removed to Undetectable Levels 

  • Heavy Metals – Greater than 99.9%

  • Viruses – Greater than 99.9999%

  • Pharmaceuticals – Greater than 99.5%

  • Chloramines – Greater Than 99.9%

  • Parasites – Greater than 99.9999%

  • Fluoride – Up to 99.75% (Add-on PF-2 Filters Required)

  • Trihalomethane (THMs) – Removed to Undetectable Levels

  • Petroleum Contaminants – Greater than 99.9%

  • Bisphenol-A (BPA) – Greater than 99.9%

  • Radiological – Greater than 95%

  • Perfluorochemicals (PFOA) – Greater than 99.9%

  • Herbicides & Pesticides – Greater than 99.9%

I understand that a Berkey may not be in every family's budget. Or perhaps you'd rather have a direct to tap hook-up, or a great filter for your kids' water bottles for when they refill at school or at sporting events. So, I was SUPER excited when I found Epic Water Filters. They have pitchers for the fridge, filters that fit Nalgenes, Hydroflasks, and other on-the-go bottles, and they have direct to faucet filters too. 

After continuous testing, Epic has proven that their water filter pitchers, bottle filters and under the sink filters are the industry leader when removing harmful contaminants commonly found in municipal tap water like chlorine, lead, fluoride, bacteria, cysts, viruses, mercury, copper, trihalomethanes, glyphosate (RoundUp), DDT, chromium-6, PFOS, PFOA, and PFA, and many more. 


I highly recommend Epic Water Filters for their versatility, compact size, and affordability. 


Mitigating toxin exposure is essential for optimal health and wellness. I've dedicated the last 10 years of my life to learning more and taking slow and steady steps to make positive changes in our home. It's become a passion for me, and I've seen the changes in my family's health-- it's so nice to see the hard work pay off. If you have any questions about toxin-exposure feel free to get in touch. I may not have all the answers but I can help point you in the right direction to find your own. 

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