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And So We Wait

Well, once again I apologize for being MIA on this blog for the past few months. I really have no excuse. So instead of dwelling on it I am just going to move onwards and upwards and assume most of the people that read this will forgive me :)

I guess the biggest thing to update you on us the fact that I am now 38 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. Yes, I have survived the roller coaster of emotions and physical changes that come with being pregnant for the first time-yahoo!- and now I can truly say I really have loved every minute of it. Sure the morning sickness and the mood swings and the exhaustion is difficult but I believe that it just makes the reward of bring a life into this world that much more meaningful. The Lird has blessed me with the ability to co-create with Him this little boy that is growing inside of me... what an incredible privilege it is!

I have to say that the last 9 months really have brought Mitch and me closer together. We have been together for 8 and 1/2 years now (5 dating and 3 1/2 married) and I can say - with much confidence- that we are ready to be parents together. We aren't naive to think that having a baby is going to be all sunshine and lollipops. We know it's going to change our lives for ever, but we also know that we will be there to support each other through it all. We know that our love brought this life into being and we can trust in that love.

So, now that the 9 months is over, and our little boy is considered to be "full term" we simply get to wait. We'll wait for the last leg of this incredible journey. We'll wait for the real work - the labour - to kick in (I've been sitting at 3cm dilation for the past 2 weeks). And when it does, we will be excited to bring our little "Luke" into our lives. I am nervous but excited for the delivery process but I am able to stay relatively calm about it knowing that I will have my incredible husband by my side, and our ever-present Father watching over us all.

I can't wait to hear that little cry and to hold my baby boy for the first time.

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