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Are You Living Your Dream?

So, I have to start by admitting that I am obsessed with Pinterest. It's my new Google. The other day I came across a "pin" of the first picture below. Obviously it caused me to ask myself, "Am I really living my dream?". In many ways, yes. I am married to an incredible man. Together we have the most precious baby boy. We live in a nice, new neighbourhood, drive a safe, new SUV, have a gorgeous dog and a feisty cat. I could go on and on. I am blessed beyond words! But..... But I am not fully living my dream. My dream doesn't include leaving my baby, before he's even a full year old, to go to work at a relatively unfulfilling job for a small pay check. Yes, the inevitable "going back to work" decision has been weighing heavily on me lately. It has been my dream to be a teacher. And, thankfully, I had the opportunity of having my own classroom in the public education system, and all of the joys and pains associated with that. But a broad range of issues caused me to give up my life as a public school teacher (a decision I am very happy with). My dream, and calling of being a teacher is still in me, but in a different way. I dream of starting a small, private, Waldorf-inspired, home school. To many this dream doesn't sound grandiose, but to me this is a big dream. Waldorf education is something I am very passionate about, and really want my children to have the opportunity to be educated the Waldorf way; however, there are no Waldorf schools nearby so it's up to me to provide one. I do want to provide the chance for other children to benefit from a Waldorf education too, and ideally I'd have approximately 6-8 children in my home daily for school. But there are 5 more years before my little Luke is ready for school, so what to do between now and then?! Well, for the next couple of years it's babysitting following the Lifeways' methods. This will allow me to stay home with my son, give him the foundation of learning that I believe strongly in, and allow me to "teach" again. Then once baby #2 comes along and is settled I plan on opening my own LifeWays preschool. And then finally begin my Waldorf school when alike is ready for kindergarten. So, am I living my dream? Not fully.... yet. But I am taking some risks and moving forward towards making me live my dream. It's scary to leave the known for the unknown, but all I can do is cling my hope that it will all turn out and try my best to trust in The Lord, that My plans align themselves with the plans He has for me.

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