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Good News!

Well, I'm happy to say that I've already reached one of my biggest goals for the New Year... I'm pregnant! To say that we are thrilled is definitely an understatement :)

We had been trying for baby #2 for over a year but because I refused to wean Luke from breastfeeding, my cycles were non-existent until June (15 months postpartum) and remained irregular since then. Because of the irregularity, we had thought we might be pregnant a few times in the last year, only to be heartbroken to get yet another negative pregnancy test. But this time things were a little different...

I had been really tired - but thought it was because the holidays threw Luke out of schedule and he was getting up at 3:30 and 4 for the day for over a week.

I was running to the bathroom every 10 minutes to pee - but I never had that frequent urination symptom when I was pregnant with Luke, and thought maybe it was because I was drinking more coffee and tea (see tiredness above).

I was getting slight cramping and bloat - but I have a gluten intolerance and sometimes I get gas pains from food.

But I convinced Mitch to go buy a test for me anyway. So of course he buys the no- name brand, hard to read kind. This is what I got:

The faintest line ever!!! (Oh and the pic was put through Instagram filters to help see it.) But I remember hearing, no matter how faint the line is, if there is a line then you're pregnant. So I was convinced. And ecstatic.

All week, Mitch, was a little off... He didn't get excited like

he did when we were pregnant with Luke. So I was worried he was disappointed or something, a didn't understand why. But finally on Friday morning he texted me from work and told me he wasn't convinced because "those lines were REALLY faint". I told him to buy a name brand, digital test so there could be no denying it. He did and this was the result:

He was finally able to accept it and the excitement broke through. Men eh? Haha.

So it's really early, according to the apps I'm 5 weeks and 1 day right now. Due date is approximately September 15th. I can't wait to share the next 9 months with you :)

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