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Third Trimester Thoughts

*Deep Breath* Ok so I am 33 weeks pregnant with this little man (currently karate chopping my insides with great intensity as I type), and it's finally starting to feel real.... I'm going to have another baby in my life soon. I'm going to be a mommy of two boys. Wow. As the days to delivery day are winding down, I am starting to really get excited now. I spent the last two days doing laundry, taking out the big rubbermaid bins of Luke's old, out-grown clothes, and washing the itty bitty sleepers and onesies that were so significant 28 months ago. Seeing them hanging on the line, I forgot how tiny my rambunctious toddler was *tear*. Folding the teeny tiny socks that are small enough to fit my cat, made me think back to the wrinkly little toes that once wore them. It's emotional... remembering, with fondness, the firsts with Luke, and anxiously awaiting a reliving of sorts with this little sprout.

And yet, I know there are still plenty of firsts to experience with both boys. Luke and I have been spending a lot of time in the baby's room these days. Luke has been adjusting to having some of his old stuff taken out of his room (a carpet, his dresser, some "babyish" stuffed animals, toys and books), and we have had a few melt-downs and, in turn, extra snuggles. But, once he's realized that he can still come into the baby's room and play with the old toys, and read the old books, he has been content. Meanwhile, again, I've been sorting through clothes and putting things away. I'm excited for the first time I get to see this little bump. I'm excited for the first time Luke meets his little brother. I'm excited for the first fluffy newborn bum (we only started cloth diapering when Luke was 4 months old). I'm excited for the first time I get to take both boys out for a walk... will Luke want to be carried like his baby brother? I'm excited to nurse again... yes I've enjoyed a few months break but now I miss it... I wonder will Luke want to nurse again too? I'm excited to see Mitch with his two boys for the first time. I'm excited for everything *sigh*.

Thanks, as always, for checking in and reading my random ramblings. These were simply today's third trimester thoughts and ponderings.

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