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Why I Do What I Do

So I thought I'd pop on tonight and share why I do this... why I share about Young Living essential oils. It's pretty obvious to anyone who knows me, that these two boys are my why. They are the reason I got started in Young Living.

I was pregnant with my oldest, Luke, when I was first introduced to essential oils and YL. I'll never forget the feeling of being so responsible for a new life and what went on, in and around his little body. After A TON of research into EOs and the gazillion different companies it there I took the plunge with YL and I have never regretted or second-guessed that decision ever.

My sons are 5.5 and 3 years old, and besides on dose of baby Tylenol at 5 months with my eldest, neither of them have ever had a pharmaceutical drug or over the counter med. We use YL's oils instead.

It was my calling to stay home with them and find a way to pay the bills that led me into the business side of YL. At first the monthly income that came in just helped cover my cost of YL products. But as I slowly started to share my experiences and passion for natural living and parenting with other moms I saw my cheque slowly increase too. When life got too stressful and busy with starting a non-profit private school, I was able to lean on and depend on my team to help sustain my business, and after nearly 2 years off, my YL cheque didn't go down, it increased. And now, due to some unfortunate circumstances with the delay of opening our school, I have a little bit more time to focus back in sharing essential oils and help others in the same way that my team supported (and continues to support) me.

My boys are still my "why". I work so hard to be the best mommy I can be for them, while simultaneously trying to manage our school efforts, my responsibilities as a student, be a wife, and find some "Laura time" in there somewhere. But YL isn't a "job" or a "have to" for me. It is truly a lifestyle. The products and oils they produce have made us a healthier, happier, family and I am grateful to be a small part of spreading their love. The fact that I get paid for what I do, and that I am moving towards having that money be willable income (that if I were to drop dead, my YL cheque would continue to come in for my family every month) is astounding.

Tonight while the boys were wrapping up a great weekend by playing checkers and cards with Daddy, I whipped up their very own custom roll-on blends (Valor and Peace & Calming for my sensitive Luke; Vetiver, Orange, P&C and Valor for my wild Lochlan). When I gave them to the boys you'd think I had given them Gold. They were SO thankful and appreciative. But most amazing is that without me telling them what specific oils I put in they knew how to use them. After rolling it on the back of his neck Luke said, "Mommy, I'll use this when I am just feeling not myself... when I get upset and cranky, or worried and scared." (Exactly what those oils are for.) and later Lochlan said, "I use mine oils when me excited at bedtime".

So yes, Young Living is an MLM, but thanks to them my family is healthier both physically and mentally. What a blessing the little miracle drops have been to us.

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