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Beeswax Candles

a burning beeswax candle

This time of year is the season of light. We all enjoy making our homes cosy and warm with the soft glow of candles. But did you know the vast majority of candles are harmful for your health? The vast majority of candles available are paraffin candles. Paraffin is a bi-product of crude oil and is filled with toxic petrochemicals -- two of which (benzene and toulene) are known carcinogens. Beeswax, conversely, do not contain any cancer-causing ingredients. Soy candles are very popular and they're marketed as a safer alternative to paraffin candles. In fact, soy wax doesn't stand alone and even though the label may say "100% soy" the truth is they contain paraffin too. Combine that with the fact that 90% of soy is genetically modified and, for me, I choose not to use soy candles with my family. Most candles contain synthetic fragrance. Fragrance is actually an umbrella term for over 3000 different toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, infertility, neurological and respiratory issues, just to name a few. Soy candles are often scented with essential oils. However when you heat an essential oil changes its molecular structure and alters how it effects your health. Not to mention that not all essential oils are created equal -- many "100% pure" essential oils are filled with toxic synthetic fragrance. Keep in mind you don’t have to sacrifice an amazing smelling home for your health. You can enjoy the essential oils in a diffuser to reap the benefits of aromatherapy. If you don’t have a good diffuser and some oils yet, let me know and I can help you with that .

I’m passionate about health and wellness but I also don’t like to sacrifice the simple pleasures in life either. Thankfully with beeswax candles we get the best of all worlds— cosy glow, warmth and a healthy home.

a boy watching a candle burn

Burning beeswax candles actually emits negative ions. Negative ions bind with particles in the air. These particles become too heavy when bound to the ions and end up falling to the ground, leaving the air cleaner than before the candle was burned. Beeswax is better for the environment/planet than paraffin and soy. Beeswax is a natural, renewable resource that comes from our world's most important pollinators. When you choose to buy beeswax candles you are supporting bee keepers, encouraging them to continue the important work that they do for our food supply.

Lastly, beeswax candles are the most efficient type of candle to burn. They burn hotter, and longer than other waxes.

So, I really encourage you ditch your scented soy and paraffin candles and give the warm glow of beeswax a try. You can usually find beeswax candles at local farmers markets and craft fairs, but if you're looking for some great beeswax candles you can also get them from my friends at Bluecorn Beeswax Candles here.


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