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Finding Happiness

Most of you know I’ve been on a journey of bettering my health as naturally as possible for the better part of the last decade. It's been a journey to finding happiness again. From eating organic, homegrown food, to eliminating toxins from our home, to exercising daily, to getting lots of fresh air, exercise and sleep m, I’ve been really intentional about improving my health. But without a healthy gut all the healthy foods, and supplements haven’t helped me as much as I wished they would, mainly because my gut has been a mess.

I have taken pre and probiotics. I have eaten sauerkraut daily. I have eliminated dairy and gluten. I have gotten sheep and a cow so I could have raw dairy. I have drank bone broth and taken collagen, and the list goes on and on, to try to heal my gut naturally. And although I’ve seen improvements I still was missing some puzzle pieces in my health journey.

A woman smiling

I have seen tons of people drinking “Happy Juice” and it’s claims of gut healing, and rolled my eyes. But then I looked at the science and was blown away!!! It really is next level science, and provides the next level solutions, naturally.

Happy Juice targets serotonin & dopamine levels in the gut to connect the gut-brain axis. It supports the growth and vitality of a range of friendly gut bacteria to increase the production of the “feel-good" neurotransmitters. This means you literally feel happier the longer you drink it!

• Boosts your mood and motivation

• Provides overall health for your second brain, your gut by populating the microbiome with specific strains of probiotics and prebiotics

• Enhances your mental & physical performance & energy levels

• Provides the fuel you need for a highly productive day

• Helps normalize gut, immune, and brain function


• 60% Decrease in irritability scores

• 55% Decrease in anxiety scores

• 50% Decrease in depression scores

• 49% Reduction in overall distress

• 70% Increase in good bacteria

• 211% Increase in positive mood

• 105% Decrease in negative mood

a glass of pink liquid

So I tried it. And yes it tastes amazing, but more than that it has …

-helped me with uncomfortable bloat and regularity

-eliminated my need for coffee (so much more energy)

-helped me be more level emotionally despite the stress of going back to the public school system, and leaving my babies for the first time , and Christmas stress

-helped me feel less overwhelmed with the endless to-do list items

- and yes it has made me happier

So I apologize for the eye rolling. Happy Juice may have a corny name but it works! The science is there. The clinical studies are there. And the testimonials are mind-blowing. The hype is real and I am here to help if you want to give it a try. You can grab your Happy Juice Pack for $10 off here.


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