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Growing Breakfast

Growing breakfast… it’s something that we have come to see as normal at our house. Quickly mixing up some eggs, throwing in some cheese, peppers and whatever veggies and herbs we feel like that day, is something we do daily.

A frittata in a cast iron skillet

But we never forget the work that goes into growing our breakfast.

From incubating the eggs and hatching out the chicks, and hearing weeks of little chirps in our living room. To feeding and watering and moving the chickens to new pasture daily all summer long.

A boy picking up chickens

In February we started the pepper and onion and herb seeds on our kitchen table. We watered those little seedlings and cared for them as they took over our living room for months until the snow melted. In April and May we moved the seedling to the green house and back every single sunny day.

In June we hoed the rows, and planted our seedlings and mulched and watered them all summer long.

We cared for our cow, moving her daily to fresh pasture, brushing her, cleaning her, milking her to make the cheese.

Two cows in a barn

So when we sit down at the table as a family to enjoy a homegrown frittata, we think of the work that went into creating the food we are about to eat. We know that nourishing our bodies comes from a lot of hard work, and a lot of heart work. It’s food infused with intention, attention, and love.


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