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Growing Food - Meat Rabbits

Our little homestead continues to grow as we continue to learn. A few years ago we added a breeding pair of meat rabbits to our farm.

Food security is on everyone’s minds these days, and high quality, organic meat is something that’s really important to us. Rabbits are a sustainable source for us, and they help mow our lawns and fertilize it too.

a big brown rabbit

As Beatrix Potter so famously said, “With opportunity the world is very interesting.” Here in this little neck of the woods there is plenty of opportunity as long as we are brave enough to try and learn new things. Farming is new for both Mitch and I, but we are eager to learn, especially when it means providing nutritionally dense food for my boys. Rabbits have proven to be an easy and affordable source of quality meat. And they really do "taste like chicken".


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