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Just Start

Nothing changes if nothing changes. I know what it's like to sit, and over-analyze the possibilities. Analysis paralysis is real.

I’ve heard many many times that you want to incorporate non-toxic cleaning products and essential oils into your routine to reduce toxins in your home. So, my gentle reminder is, JUST START! Don’t wait until after the next script for antibiotics or the expensive Shoppers or Walmart run when you only went in for two things and spent way too much time scanning ingredients and everything is way more toxic than the label lets on [google greenwashing]

Your health and wellness is not an expense.

Don’t over complicate it — essential oils are literally just tools to add to your first aid kit, whatever that might look like for you.

New Years will turn into Spring Break which will turn into Summer Break and then the new school year, and then Christmas, and then look, it’s been another year of not making any changes and not feeling any more empowered with your family’s wellness.

Let’s make some changes together — this lifestyle does not have to be hard and I’ll be HERE for YOU to educate, empower and motivate. I plan on getting these tools into every home — are you next? If you're ready, reach out. Message me on facebook, instagram or email me and we can chat.

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