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Saying Yes

8.5 years ago I decided to say yes. I was a new mom and my baby was my world. I wanted to do everything I could to keep him healthy, happy and well. I became a crunchy momma. I said yes to learning and making changes that were a little scary, a little overwhelming, but so worth it.

Saying yes.

It’s been so much more than just saying yes.

It’s been saving my family from a life of excessive toxic exposure. Bettering the future of their health.

It’s a group of friends I get to chat with every single day, laugh with, share my excitement with.

It’s been learning more and more about oils, their purposes, their magic and sharing this with the world.

It’s been waking up every morning with so much life, so much excitement for the day. It’s been getting to live a life I am literally in love with. All these things I didn’t know I was missing, until I had them. I seriously get to live a life I LOVE.

How many of you can say this? If not. Make a change. Take a chance. Take a step in a direction you may be unsure of or nervous about. What’s the worst that could happen? Learn More


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