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Simple Summers

Let’s talk about simple summers…. For homestead families like ours, we cannot just up and leave for a family vacation. We have animals who depend on us, and if we want to forage and grow our own food for the year our gardens need constant care, and we need to be ready when the wild fruit is. Haying season requires us to be here and ready to move bales in before weather turns. So we will be steadily at home. But just because my kids won’t go in a big vacation, or go to camp, or go RVing, or rent a cabin, doesn’t mean that their summer isn’t going to be a good one. We have built a life we don’t need a vacation from. We find comfort in the routines and rhythms of the seasons of our little farm. The boys delight in 🍓finding the first wild strawberries of the year 🍉 enjoying scooping out fresh watermelon together beside the garden. 🏊‍♂️ Walks down to the river to plunge in for a swim become daily routine as the heat of summer arrives. 🏕 Camping in the back 40 🔥and nightly campfires outside 🏖 20 minute drive for a day at the beach and the frigid salty water fun. 🛌 Staying up past their bedtime.

two boys eating watermelon outside

These are the things my kids will remember of their childhood summers. Simple summers. Old fashioned summers. What will you be doing with your kiddos this summer?


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