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Storing Your Yarn

You have done a lot of work so far, and now you have usable beautiful hand spun yarn. But now, it's time to twist it into a hank or wind it into a ball. 

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Making a Hank

Making a twisted hank of yarn is a great way to display your hand spun yarn and all of your hard work. If you plan on selling your hand spun yarn at craft fairs, or to a local yarn shop storing your yarn in a hank is the common way of showing off your stuff! It's also the most convenient way to store your yarn on shelves as a hank will not roll around, and you can stack many hanks together on  a shelf. 


Step 1

The first step in making a hank is to put your hands into your loop of yarn and hold it taught.

Step 2

Next, twist the loop to make a long twisted snake. 

Step 3

Keeping the twist, bring your hands together. Transfer the yarn looped around one hand over to the other,  (similar to making a sock ball) and pull the yarn from that hand through the loop.

Step 4

Pull the yarn from that hand through the loop, and voila, you now have a hank of your yarn. 

Making a Ball

Before using your yarn, making a ball of yarn is a must! It ensure that, as you knit or crochet, your yarn flows smoothly which will keep a consistent tension in your work (makes your projects smooth and professional looking), and makes sure there are not tangles or knots in your yarn. 


Step 1

Take one end of your yarn, hold it with your thumb against your fingers, and wrap it around your hand 20-30 times. 

Step 2

Remove the looped yarn from your hand, and begin wrapping the yarn  perpendicularly around the looped yarn.  Wrap it around 3 or 4 times. 

Step 3

Fold the yarn in half, over itself, and continue to wind the yarn around the tiny ball you've created. 

Step 4

As you wind the yarn around the ball, be sure to spin the ball ever so slightly to evenly distribute the yarn and keep the desired  spherical shape. 

Step 5

Once all of your yarn is wound into a ball you'll need to secure the loose end so that the ball doesn't unravel on you. Simply lift a few strands of yarn and then pass the loose end under them.


Store balls of yarn in baskets until you're ready to create something with them!

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