As a mom of boys, and a homesteading/farm family, I do A LOT of laundry. It truly never ends. But the laundry room, for most families, is arguably the most toxic room in the house.  Here are some posts/tips all about why switching to safe and natural laundry products are a must

Laundry may be piling up, but don’t let harmful chemicals pile up too!

Several common laundry products are known to contain harsh chemicals that can wreak havoc on your body and affect indoor air quality.

One study found that many household products contained endocrine disrupting compounds. Of the items examined, fragranced products contained the highest concentrations1.

Another study found several VOCS (volatile organic compounds) coming out of dryer vents.


Dryer sheets are one of the common items from these findings that are used regularly in homes. A standard dryer sheet is generally made up of polyester fibers that are coated with a fabric softening agent and more often than not, fragrance chemicals. The ingredient “fragrance” alone can include up to hundreds of unlisted chemicals. During the drying process, dryer sheets can leave a residue on your clothes, which can then be passed on to your skin.

Give your home and clothes proper, natural care with wool dryer balls! Wool dryer balls are a great alternative, with many benefits.

3 Reasons to use Wool Dryer Balls:

1. Save money! The average family does anywhere between 5 and 10 loads of laundry a week. Instead of using a dryer sheet with each load, reuse your dryer balls, hundreds of loads later.

2. They’re eco-friendly!

3. Freshen your laundry, the natural way! Ditch synthetic fragrances by infusing wool dryer balls with your favourite YL essential oils. We love Lavender, Citrus Fresh, and Tea Tree to name a few.

Dryer balls are easy to make yourself, or you can support some great local makers. Or you can simply order organic, 100% wool dryer balls from YL. 

What oils do you like using for laundry?