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After you have completed casting off your finished piece you will have some ends hanging that cannot just be cut off or else your entire piece would unravel. Weaving in your ends is the important, and final step, to your finished masterpieces.

Just like everything in fibre work, there are many different ways to  weave in your ends. Some people choose to use a crochet hook, but my preference is to use a darning/tapestry needle, so that's what I will show below. 

Also, keep in mind that different fibres, different patterns, different stitches all require a bit of a different method of weaving in the ends. Today, I will show you the basic, easy way to weave in your ends on a simple garter stitch pattern. It leaves you with a nice herringbone style edge. 


Step 1

Thread your loose end through the eye of your darning needle. 

Step 2

Turn your work to face its wrong side, and simply weave your tapestry needle  in by going right through the nearest bump and pulling the yarn through until the tail is  fully  through the stitch. 


Step 3

Now go through the next bump by taking your needle from the bottom, up. Again, pull through until the tail is completely through the stitch. 

Step 4

Continue steps 2 and 3 until your tail is completely woven in or until you've made it to the end of the row, when you can then trim your tail off. 

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