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Six Weeks Pregnant

I have officially finished my sixth week of this pregnancy. It was a bittersweet week. The excitement of a new little sprout growing inside of me was dulled by the arrival of an old familiar feeling of all day nausea.

I find that this pregnancy is very similar to the one I had with Luke. I have the same feelings of morning sickness at the same time (started at 6 weeks with Luke too),the same old first trimester exhaustion, acne and bloat. ---Pregnancy sounds so beautiful when you put it like that doesn't it?!

But, I have noticed some new symptoms that I never had with Luke. I am constantly running to the bathroom no matter how much or how little I drink. I also have to reacquaint myself with kegels because of what happens when I sneeze, or carry something heavy (if you know what I mean). And I find it is starting to really hurt to nurse Luke these days, which I find really difficult. Our breastfeeding journey has been an amazing one, and I really hope it doesn't end on a bad note. I realize many toddlers wean when milk supply goes down at the start of the second trimester so I am trying my hardest to keep in mind that each painful feeding now may be one closer to the end of the incredible nursing relationship that we have shared for he last 22 months and 5 days.

Another new experience for me is cravings! I never had them with Luke but I seriously crave EVERYTHING!!! Ice cream, pickles, salsa, pizza, plain noodles, French fries, you name it I have been craving it. I haven't indulged or given in to any of them yet except for a Western sandwich (fried eggs in general), and veggies and dip. I seriously eat one of these trays everyday.

As I go through each passing week of this pregnancy I am trying to enjoy every moment , yes even the sick ones, because I don't know if I will ever be pregnant again. I would love to have more kids but financially I just don't think we can handle more. So for now I'll enjoy the nausea, as I go enjoy some fried eggs while Luke has his nap :)

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