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How I Used Essential Oils During Labour

Well, since the last time I posted on here I have had my second baby, little Lochlan. He has been such a light in our family's life. I wanted to take a minute to write about how I used EO's during labour and delivery.

Lochlan was born at home, so I had my full arsenal of oils at my disposal. I used Valor in the early stages of labour when that anxiousness of bringing a new life into my world- and my 2.5 year old's world - came into effect. A little rubbed on the back of my neck eased that slight tension.

Next, I used lavender to relax myself a bit after about 7 hours of gradually intensifying contractions. I used my moisturizer (coconut oil, vitamin e oil and lavender EO) after I had a long shower.

In my previous pregnancy I threw up during labour. So, thinking that my two labours would be the same, I had peppermint EO on hand, and ready to go, but this time I didn't need it at all.

I had the diffuser going with Gentle Baby in it throughout labour and birth. I love love love this oil and diffusing it made me feel relaxed, confident, and just at ease about the whole notion of having another baby, and having him at home.

Lochlan was born in the birthing pool, and I laboured in there for about 45 minutes before he was born. My water broke in the water, and (TMI) some poop came out as my body started to push. But thanks to Melaleuca Alt. I didn't worry about exposing my newborn to the bacteria of fecal matter.

After he was born I kept the diffuser going for a few hours. That Gentle Baby smell is still so calming to both me and my now 4.5 month old. Whenever he gets a little fussy and I can't figure out what is wrong I just open the bottle of GB and wave it infront of his nose and he settles easily. It's like magic.

I did tear a little so once again YLEOs helped me with the healing process. They make a spray called Lavaderm, and I have to say it was so soothing and refreshing. I used it after I used the bathroom for the first week and a half after Lochlan was born. I highly recommend it to all moms-to-be.

Anyway, that's just a quick run down of the oils that helped me get through having a baby :) If you'd like more info about how I use Essential Oils and other Young Living products, or about how to get your hands on some of these things, please don't hesitate to contact me. I love sharing my love of natural and healthy living with others. Or you can always head over to the Young Living website and sign up!

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