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Waldorf Dolls

As a Waldorf family it's only natural that we'd be drawn to Waldorf dolls. Each of my boys has their own special little prince to snuggle and sleep with each night. Santa brought each of them their Pip and Merry for their 2nd Christmas. Why a doll? Well, as it's so nicely stated on the Bella Luna Toys website, Waldorf "seeks to enliven a child's imagination. Waldorf dolls are typically handmade of natural fibres, usually with cotton knit skin and stuffed with wool, crafted using traditional dollmaking techniques which originated in Europe. The facial features of a Waldorf doll are left intentionally simple, usually with two embroidered eyes and a hint of a mouth. Some Waldorf dolls have no facial features at all! This allows a child use his or her own imagination. Without rigid features and a fixed plastic expression, a child can imagine a Waldorf doll to to be happy or sad; laughing or crying. Their soft bodies and natural fibres make them nourishing to a young child's senses, and warm and cuddly to hold." One of my favourite past times is creating cute little Waldorf dolls. I LOVE handworks -- sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet, quilting, etc. and when I make a Waldorf doll I get to use all of those things to bring to life a unique little character. It is so fun. Each one is different and unique and each one is special to me. I just hope the little ones who get to call them their own enjoy them as much as I did. This one is named "Merry". Santa made him for my Lochlan.

Santa's elf, Jones is very Waldorf-y too.

This one, Maisie, was for my lovely niece, Lauryn.

Jane is a perfect match for my niece, Felicity.

This dark haired beauty was a good friend for my niece, Reese.

This is Jewel, she's still available for $150 if anyone wants her :)

This one is still a work in progress, and doesn't have a name yet.

And this lovely lady was a custom Christmas gift made for a client's little girl last year.

I really encourage anyone who loves working with natural fibres to try their hand at making a Waldorf Doll. It is such a joy to me, and I'm sure that's how you'll feel too.

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