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Essential Oils Tip - be consistent

Here’s an easy tip for those of you who may be thinking about using essential oils...if you don’t use your oils they aren’t going to help you. You can’t just roll on lavender once and expect to be cool as a cucumber sleeping like a baby every night . You need to be C O N S I S T E N T . I’ve read it takes a minimum of one week of consistent use of a new oil to start seeing its benefits . This is wellness! Wellness doesn’t occur from doing something once. You can’t eat a salad one meal a week and expect to lose weight, be energized and have a healthy GI system.

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So here’s what we do on the daily to help our immune systems especially with the season of germs around the corner 😷:

  • On Guard and lemon/orange in diffuser daily ,

  • On Guard rolled on the bottom of our feet 2 times a day,

  • A quality Pre and Probiotic (the gut holds 75% of our immune system 😱) ,

  • Calmer blend at bedtime on the kids' feet, and lavender & black spruce in the kid’s diffuser and for the parents 💤. (Sleep is essential for healthy immune system)

These are just a few examples of how we use our oils here. I’m not including the daily emotional support blends, the hormone helpers, the energy boosters, and what we use when we are feeling unwell. So thankful for these tools! 🌿♥️💪🏼 If you're ready to get started with doTerra, simply click here and it'll guide you through how to get your account set up.


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