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As autumn settles in, and the days get shorter, in Waldorf we like to celebrate the compassion and inner light in us all with the observance of "Martinmas". We make lanterns, and sing songs about them showing how we protect the soft glow of the lanterns, just as we all should protect the inner light that shines in us. Below you will find the songs and verses to carry you through to Martinmas (November 11th), and into the Advent season. But if you'd like the story of Martinmas you can find it here

Another fabulous story and activity for Martinmas can be found here.

Good morning dear earth

Good morning dear sun

Good morning dear stones

and flowers everyone

Good morning dear beasts

Good morning dear trees

Good morning to you and 

Good morning to me.

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Good Morning Dear Earth

Morning Verse

The sun with loving light

makes bright for me each day.

The soul with spirit power

gives strength unto my limbs.

In sunlight shining clear

I revere, O God,

the strength of humankind

which thou has planted in my soul

That I with all my might

may love to work and learn

From Thee stream light & strength,

to Thee rise love & thanks. 

by Elsie N. Brady

How silently they tumble
And come to rest upon the ground
To lay a carpet, rich and rare,
Beneath the trees without a care,
Content to sleep, their work well done,
Colors gleaming in the sun.

At other times, they wildly fly
Until they nearly reach the sky.
Twisting, turning through the air
Till all the trees stand stark and bare.
Exhausted, drop to earth below
To wait, like children, for the snow.



The sunlight fast is dwindling.
My little lamp needs kindling.
It’s beam shines far in darkest night,
Dear lantern guard me with your light.

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My Lantern

Waldorf Inspirations' version here

My lantern, my lantern,

shining near and far,
shining like a moon,

shining like a sun,
shining like a silver star.

DECEMBER (2).png

Glimmer Lantern Glimmer
(a great version by Annie Hatke here - starts a 2:32)

Glimmer lantern glimmer,

little stars a-shimmer.
over meadow, moore and dale,
flitter flatter elfin vale,
pee-wit, pee-wit,

tick-a-tick-a-tick, roo- coo, roo- coo

St. Martin, St. Martin, St. Martin
Rode through wind and snow,
His horse carried him so quick-ly on
In comfort and warmth through the cold he did go
His thick cloak around him tight-ly drawn.
In the cold snow, in the cold snow, in the cold snow

There sat a poor old man
He wore only rags and called with choked breath,
“Oh help me please – please if you can
Or the bitter frost will mean my death.”

St. Martin, St. Martin, St. Martin
Reined his horse to his side
It stood quietly by as if it knew
How with his sword, St. Martin would divide 
His warm, thick cloak right in-to two.

St. Martin, St. Martin, St. Martin
Gave one half to the man to put on
The grateful man turned, but before he spoke
Noble St. Martin had already gone
Wearing his half of the divided cloak.

DECEMBER (3).png

My lantern, my lantern,
Sun and moon and starlight.
In the darkened heaven high
Shine no stars within the sky.
Darkened is the path this night
With no moon or star as light.
My lantern, my lantern,
Sun and moon and starlight,
Friendly little lantern bright,
Be my sun and shield this night.
Be my moon and sun so high.
No light is in the sky.

The north wind came along one day,
So strong and full of fun;
He called the leaves down from the trees
And said, “Run children run”.
They came in read and yellow dress,
In shaded green and brown,
And all the short November day
He chased them round the town.
They ran in crowds, they ran alone,
They hid behind the trees,
The north winds laughing found them there
And called “No stopping please”
But when he saw them tired out
And huddled in a heap,
He softly said, “Goodnight my dears,
Now let us go to sleep.”

DECEMBER (5)_edited.jpg

I Go With my Little Lantern

Dara Fair Cantrell has a great version here

I go with my bright little lantern
My lantern is going with me.
In heaven the stars are shining,
On earth shines my lantern with me,
The cock does crow, the cat miaows
Lantern shines, la bimba- labamba-labim

You may even choose to do your own lantern walk to celebrate this time of year. Waldorf Publications has a great summary of what that could entail and how to make your own lantern here. 

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