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Oh October how I love thee! October has got to be my favourite month by far! Cool crisp breezes, warm sun, abundance in harvest, so much outdoor beauty and fun. Cosy sweaters, plenty of flannel, and wool knits, mmmmm. With a new month comes a new circle for our Waldorf-inspired homeschooling. Here's a simple circle to do each day for 10-15 minutes:

Good Morning Dear Earth

Good morning dear earth

Good morning dear sun

Good morning dear stones

and flowers everyone

Good morning dear beasts

Good morning dear trees

Good morning to you and 

Good morning to me.

Good Morning Dear Earth
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Morning Verse

The sun with loving light makes bright for me each day.

The soul with spirit power gives strength unto my limbs.

In sunlight shining clear I revere, O God,

the strength of humankind

which thou has planted in my soul

That I with all my might

may love to work and learn

From Thee stream light & strength,

to Thee rise love & thanks. 

Autumn Leaves - Active Song (to the tune of London Bridge)


Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down,

Autumn leaves are falling down.

Welcome, Autumn.

They are yellow, red and brown, red and brown, red and brown,

They are yellow, red and brown.

Welcome, Autumn.

Rake the leaves and put them here, put them put here, put them here,

Rake the leaves and put them here.

Welcome, Autumn.

Jump right in and have some fun, have some fun, have some fun,

Jump right in and have some fun.

Welcome Autumn.

Apples to Market
Here stands the apple tree, strong and green (put arms above head with hands spread open wide)

Here are the apples that hang between (keep hands above head but close hands into fists)

A strong wind blows and knocks them to the ground (wiggle your arms like a wind is blowing them, and move fists to the ground)

Here is the basket to take them all to town (put arms in front of you like you're holding a large basket)

Five Little Pumpkins 

5 Little Pumpkins sitting on the gate. (show 5 fingers)

The first one says,"Oh my it’s getting late!" (tap your wrist like you're tapping a watch)

The second one says,"Good folks beware." (shake pointer finger in warning)

The third one says,"There are witches in the air!"(take your pointer finger to your nose like a witch's nose)

The fourth one says,"Let’s run and run!" (run on the spot)

The fifth one says,"I’m ready for some fun!" (spread arms wide in the air)

Then woosh went the wind and out went the lights. (wave arms in front of you like a big gust of wind)

And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight. (take two fists and roll them over each other)

I'm A Little Pumpkin - (to the tune of I'm a Little Tea Pot)


I’m a little pumpkin, short and fat (put your arms out to your sides, curved around like you're a pumpkin)

I’m going to be a jack o lantern, how about that? (put your hands on your hips)

Just carve me out a mouth and nose and eyes (run your finger along your mouth, the point to your nose and eyes)

And light me up on Halloween night! (place your hands, tips of fingers touching the tips of your thumbs, near  your cheekbones, then open up your hands and move them away from  your face,  illustrating light coming out of the jack o lantern)

Scary - by Betty Jones

Scary scarecrows? Ha ha ha!

Crows just laugh at them! Caw, caw, caw!

Scary ghosties? Boo, boo, boo!

Not as scary as you, you, you!

Scary witches? Hee hee hee!

Not as scary as me, me, me

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DECEMBER (8).png

When Mary Goes Walking


When Mary goes walking
The autumn winds blow
The poplars they curtsey
The larches bend low;
The oaks and the beeches
Their gold they fling down
To make her a carpet
To make her a crown.

When Mary Goes Walking
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Little Golden Leaves



Little Golden Leaves
Dancing in the Trees

Dancing in the Trees

Oh Dancing in the Trees

Little Golden Leaves

Dancing in the Trees

Down the wind blows them
Just for me

Little Golden Leaves
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Little Goblin

(Children run in time with the music with little goblin steps and change direction with each verse.)



Run, little goblin, run along to market, run along to market and buy me a cow.

Gold, little goblin, not a penny have I, make it buy your magic and buy me a cow.

Buy me a brown cow, and a stool for milking, and a little bucket too, for the cream. 

Run, little goblin, run along to market, run along to market and buy me a cow. 

Little Goblin
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Three Little Witches


One little, two little, three little witches,

Fly over haystacks, fly over ditches,

Slide down the moon without any hitches

Hey ho, Halloween's here!

Three Little Witches
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